[Video] Parent Plus Job - The Mall

A few weeks ago I took my little family to the mall. It's a part of "parent plus" job, I guess. While my wife was searching for her new shoes, I took my daughter Ainun walking around in the mall. We met a mother with her 3 years old daughter. Well, Ainun is a cheerfull kid. She's very happy to see another kid. So, she approached that kid and she ask her to shake hand. Not only that, Ainun was dancing and asking that kid to dance along with her!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for posting at my blog www.writeandedit.wordpress.com
You have a beautiful family and I applaud you for making them the theme of your blog! I'll revisit often!

Parenting Blog said...

Ainun is a very beautiful child. You are very lucky to have a child like her. Thank you for visiting and your comment on my blog. Hopefully we can still continue to cooperate.

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