Introducing Parent Plus Admin

Dear Readers...

Let me introduce myself and my little family. My name is Andika, I'm a graduate from Electrical Engineering in some college in Indonesia. I'm 30 years old now and I run my own business. I'm married to a woman, her name is Tia, she was in the same college with me but from another department. I'm a father of one cute little angel named Ainun. Why I name this blog "Parent Plus" because I really love my daughter and I want to be a "dad plus" for her, who always be there for her no matter how busy I am with my tight daily schedule.

This is the picture from our wedding, Dec, 23rd 2006 :

This is our baby Ainun, born Sept, 17th 2007 :

By the time I write this, my wife is pregnant and we're expecting our second daughter in the coming weeks. I hope everything will be just fine.

I hope you're enjoy this blog like I enjoy making it. I'm sorry for my bad english :-)

Have a nice day, readers....


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