[Video] Ainun Dance In The Grocery Store

My daughter, Ainun, is a cheerful kid. She's always dance whenever and wherever she heard music. A few weeks ago when I and my wife took her to the nearest grocery store, she showed me how to enjoy shopping.

Introducing Parent Plus Admin

Dear Readers...

Let me introduce myself and my little family. My name is Andika, I'm a graduate from Electrical Engineering in some college in Indonesia. I'm 30 years old now and I run my own business. I'm married to a woman, her name is Tia, she was in the same college with me but from another department. I'm a father of one cute little angel named Ainun. Why I name this blog "Parent Plus" because I really love my daughter and I want to be a "dad plus" for her, who always be there for her no matter how busy I am with my tight daily schedule.

[Video] Parent Plus Job - The Mall

A few weeks ago I took my little family to the mall. It's a part of "parent plus" job, I guess. While my wife was searching for her new shoes, I took my daughter Ainun walking around in the mall. We met a mother with her 3 years old daughter. Well, Ainun is a cheerfull kid. She's very happy to see another kid. So, she approached that kid and she ask her to shake hand. Not only that, Ainun was dancing and asking that kid to dance along with her!

Parenting Advice for Working Moms

My wife does not have a job, I do. But these days there are so money working moms. This is one of many parenting advices for working moms.

One of the impact of monetary crisis is the increasing needs that can not be fulfilled because the more expensive prices. To meet these needs, we need to add family income ... when usually only the father who works, now moms has to work either.

Mothers who works have much choice. There are mothers who choose to work at home and there are mothers who choose to work outside the home. If mothers choose to work outside the home then the mother must be smart, clever set a time for families because it is essentially a mother has the primary task is set up housekeeping, including monitoring, regulating and guiding the children. Especially if the mother has a small child or toddler then a mother should know very well how to manage time wisely. A 0-5 year-olds are still very dependent with her mother. Because children aged 0-5 years have not been able to do personal tasks such as eating, bathing, learning, and so on. They still need help from parents in doing those jobs. If the child is left with a maid, the parents or mothers in particular should know very well that the servants are able to guide and assist the children in their work. If the maid was not able to do so the children who will suffer.

Parent Plus - Ainun's First Day

Being a parent plus for me is always be there everytime. Most daddy couldn't do that. These are the pictures I took when Ainun was one day old. I was there when she was born and i was there when she drink her first drop of milk.

[VIDEO] My First Daughter

Let me introduce to you, my first daughter. Her name is Ainun and she's 2 year 3 month old. She's a very talented kid. She loves to sing, and she's even making her own song all day!

As a parent plus, my job is to taped her and take her photograph :-). I don't want to miss a thing. Yes, I'm a father and I'm supposed to be out to work all day. But, hey, I'm a parent plus! A superdad! Lol.

Being A Parent

Being a parent is a very noble profession. But most of us do not know what to prepare. As we prepare for the wedding so we are busy thinking about the party. We are busy thinking about who will be invited, what dress the bride will wear, what kind of food would be served, what kind of memory photos  to do and perhaps also a place to live.

Many young married couples are not prepared to educate their children. They think that if you get married and have children so naturally we could educate. No need to learn. But after his daughter has problems, then they realize they waste time to learn. Many do not realize it until old age.

Dear Readers

Dear Readers...

My name is Andika and i'm from Indonesia. I'm a 30 year old proud-daddy with one daughter, named Ainun. I'm currently enjoying living my life as a parent. I love my daughter so much that I can't live an hour without seeing her laugh or just playing around. Why i named this blog as a Parent Plus, because people said that parenting job is for the Mom's. I am disagree with that because i just looooovveeeee doing my job as a parent. I bath my daughter, i feed her and I'm always playing with her.

In this "parent blog", i want to show you how I live my life as a parent. But, since English is not my mother language, please forgive me for my bad english. :-)