Being A Parent

Being a parent is a very noble profession. But most of us do not know what to prepare. As we prepare for the wedding so we are busy thinking about the party. We are busy thinking about who will be invited, what dress the bride will wear, what kind of food would be served, what kind of memory photos  to do and perhaps also a place to live.

Many young married couples are not prepared to educate their children. They think that if you get married and have children so naturally we could educate. No need to learn. But after his daughter has problems, then they realize they waste time to learn. Many do not realize it until old age.

Most parents today are better able to manage or care for their children rather than educate. Managing the activities carried out with a logical mind. For example homework, music lessons to include child / ballet / lesson, remind your child to eat, shower and sleep. The point about how to help them do what they want to do and be whatever they want in accordance with our wishes. We treat children like employees in the office that need to be controlled and monitored with a set of rules.

Parenting is an activity we do with thoughts and feelings. This includes giving hugs a lot, giving praise and encouragement when children were depressed, giving warmth to appease them and give them quality time. Also no less important is knowing who they are and help them become like what is in them. Not make them like what we want.

Worst analogies about parenting is that likens a child like lumps of clay and parents are the artist. This illustrates that the child is in the passive and helpless at all. Children are not positioned to contribute in the growth of the process. This eventually failed and costly the bad development of the child.

A better analogy is the analogy of seed plants. Small trees planted in the garden all similar. But it turned out they were all different. There are pine trees, apple trees and mango trees. We do not form but rather treat them in accordance with the existing characteristics.

We need to find out what kind of tree. After that, learn what they need and provide what is needed. Perhaps the appropriate fertilizer and adequate water supply in accordance with all nature in order to achieve optimal growth.

In this case manage, establish, direct and teach a portion. Parenting and educating is the veil that covers all these things. Parenting skills and education needed to determine when the best time to manage, shape, guide and teach children so that way the child can discover the potential and raise the best characteristics of existing in him.

How about you? Have you even more to manage or care? There is still time to change ourselves and learn many things to help your child develop the best potential for him. Immediately take action.


ellen@mamasoncall said...

Great advice Andika. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and none of us get any real education about how to do it. Love is the most important factor but rules and consistency and lots of time spent playing and reading and being together are very important too. If you want some free advice and help from two mamas with much older kids who are also professionals (one a pediatrician and the other a family therapist) visit us at We would love to help!

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