Parenting Advice for Working Moms

My wife does not have a job, I do. But these days there are so money working moms. This is one of many parenting advices for working moms.

One of the impact of monetary crisis is the increasing needs that can not be fulfilled because the more expensive prices. To meet these needs, we need to add family income ... when usually only the father who works, now moms has to work either.

Mothers who works have much choice. There are mothers who choose to work at home and there are mothers who choose to work outside the home. If mothers choose to work outside the home then the mother must be smart, clever set a time for families because it is essentially a mother has the primary task is set up housekeeping, including monitoring, regulating and guiding the children. Especially if the mother has a small child or toddler then a mother should know very well how to manage time wisely. A 0-5 year-olds are still very dependent with her mother. Because children aged 0-5 years have not been able to do personal tasks such as eating, bathing, learning, and so on. They still need help from parents in doing those jobs. If the child is left with a maid, the parents or mothers in particular should know very well that the servants are able to guide and assist the children in their work. If the maid was not able to do so the children who will suffer.

A child's personality begins when children aged 0-5 years. Children will learn from the people and the neighborhood of the things done by the people around them. Children who are in those environments are often angry, hitting, and other acts of violence, the child will also grow into a strong person. The mother or parents should be wise in the left child when parents work.

Sometimes just because the environment is less supportive when the child is young, will result in negative effects for the growth of the child's personality at the next age. Like the case of juvenile delinquency cases, the involvement of children in the world of drugs, and so could be due to the formation of personality in childhood is not well established.

For that the mothers who work outside the home must manage your time wisely. Working to meet the needs of the family is very noble, but still must be remembered that the main task is to arrange households. Mothers who had to leave work early morning and return in the afternoon still had to take time to communicate, joke, check school assignments, although she is very tired after a day of work outside the home. But these sacrifices will be a joy if they see their children grow into strong personal and stable.

As for working mothers in home, still must be able to manage time wisely.

But the task is certainly not the only mother-only task, but the father must go to help the mother to perform household tasks so that the unity and harmony in the house will stay stable.


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